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Witte America with its sales office in the Atlanta Georgia area is a subsidiary of Horst Witte Geraetebau, Germany.

Witte is a global company with daughter companies in

  • Singapore
  • America
  • Mexico

and a worldwide network of independent partners in almost all countries.

We are where you are...... worldwide!

Witte America is specialized in supplying fixture solutions for measuring, gaging and assemblies to all sections of industrie such as automotive and aerospace. Our main product is recognized by the brand name ALUFIX, a high precision, high quality modular fixturing system consisting of a large number of catalogue items which can easily and quickly be assembled in endless variations.

Witte America has alternative system solutions for applications needing a one off dedicated fixture.

Witte was founded in 1969 and ALUFIX has been on the market for 20 years. Witte also specializes in vacuum clamping technology for work holding of parts.

Witte find the solution for your application.
Witte excel when we are challenged to find new ways of solving things.
Witte can help define the right fixture solution for you to be most productive in achieving your every day work load or special tasks in quality control of your production parts.

Witte celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and looks back at continuous product development in step with the demands set by our partners in industry.

Witte is the original product and has been a master for many inferior copies.

Mr. Witte says: "The best compliment for me is when our competitors try to copy our ideas and products".

Witte America
Founder Horst Witte
Founder Horst Witte
The company was founded in 1969 and is specialised in processing large high-strength aluminum workpieces at a high level of precision.
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